Who are we?

Out in National Security (ONS) is a group of national security professionals leveraging our professional networks and individual passion to expand opportunity for current and future colleagues. Merging activism and education, ONS speaks fearlessly in defense of LGBTQIA+ rights, connects like-minded national security practitioners, advances American interests, and improves American security. Defined by principles rather than party, ONS welcomes those with any, or no, political affiliation. As a 501c(3), ONS depends on the support of grants and gifts to grow our community and capability.

What do we value?

Out in National Security is driven by two core principles. We select opportunities and make organizational decisions with these values in mind.

  1. We are developing an organization that values equality of opportunity. ONS is a flat organization that rejects hierarchy for the sake of hierarchy. Instead, we aim to work across professional specialties and status valuing ideas, initiative, and energy. ONS leaders facilitate rather than govern. We advance the interest of all LGBTQIA+ national security professionals.
  2. We value meaningful outcomes improving the lives and careers LGBTQIA+ national security practitioners. In our professional and personal lives, we are biased towards action over rhetoric. In the past, LGBTQIA+ professionals shaped the American national security landscape behind a veil of prejudice, secrecy, and a social climate preventing us from expressing our authentic selves. ONS pursues outcomes and goals that positively and measurably impact the lives of today’s and tomorrow’s LGBTQIA+ national security practitioners.