Coming Out in National Security

Being Out in National Security is important to the livelihood and acceptance of our LGBTI NatSec professionals all over the world. To celebrate National Coming Out Day, October 11th, we asked our friends and colleagues to join us in a broad social media campaign to highlight just what it means to be an out LGBTI professional working in the various facets of the National Security space.

If you're comfortable -- and if it's safe and reasonable to do so -- please share your coming out story or a little about what it means to you to be out in NatSec.

Use the hashtag #COINS and #NCOD for your stories and short videos.

Out in National Security seeks to highlight and bring visibility to current NatSec leaders serving openly and inspire the next generation of LGBTI talent looking to join those ranks. So we hope you'll support us, share a bit of your own personal story online, and celebrate the progress we've made across our movement together all around the world.

How to Participate:

Record a short video and share it using these tips:

  • Name, title, place of work (if you can share). 
  • How and why did you become involved in public service and foreign policy/national security?
  • How did you come out at work?
  • What does being openly LGBTQ and working on foreign policy/national security mean to you?

Post it to your favorite social media channels using the hashtags #COINS and #NCOD and at-mention @OutinNatSec.

Here are a few examples to get you started:

Join us by Tweeting with the hashtag #COINS and #NCOD:

We hope that you’ll record your own videos, share you own stories, watch, share or retweet, and celebrate our community by raising each other up no matter which day is your Coming Out Day!